After more than a decade of working with pocket watches (repair and retail) two watch enthusiasts decided to bundle their strengths and start a company together, solely concentrating on the art and beauty of exquisite pocket watches.

Our purpose

We seek to find exceptional timepieces from all era’s. Whether it is a 17th century pre-hairspring balance verge fusee or an art-deco minute repeater retailed by Cartier, we find them equally fascinating on numerous different levels. For every pocket watch there’s a different collector, and we thrive to help those collectors find the timepieces that make their heart beat faster. To accomplish this we concentrate on four main focus points: quality, provenance, condition and rarity.

Seeking what you love

With those four focus points in mind we continue to hunt for the best possible pieces. Our carefully curated collection of pocket watches comes forth from a wide network of collectors and colleagues. Although we enjoy working with connaisseurs and the timepieces from their personal collections, we are aware of other methods and ways to find these exceptional pocket watches that have not yet surfaced the collectors market. We therefore invest time and effort in discovering ‘forgotten’ timepieces all over the world in numerous different ways.

Our way of business

We believe one should be able to acquire a new addition to their pocket watch collection with complete confidence. To our surprise, after doing our research both online and offline, we discovered this to be a lot more difficult than expected when it comes to pocket watches. We want to change that.

We are working hard to provide an experience that is as enjoyable as it is valuable by:

  • Creating a customer friendly environment which invites you to get in touch with us should there be anything we can help you with.
  • Remaining extremely transparent during all transactions, both in terms of purchases and sales. Even if it means sending you to a competitor.
  • Offering our collection at well considered fixed prices that represent their true value.