Armands & Cie – Erotic Automaton Repeater Pocket Watch

Not your average golden Swiss quarter repeating pocket watch. This 1880’s Armand & Cie (Geneva) pocket watch features an interesting and uncommon complication. The so called ‘automaton’ shows a scene depicting a man and wife having sexual intercourse with moving parts harmonizing together with the repeater complication. Scroll down to read more about this piece.

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The history on these pieces is quite interesting: In the late 18th century (1770 to 1800), Europe witnessed the starting production of erotic automation watches, often discreetly housed in concealed compartments featuring opening doors. These doors revealed explicit scenes, triggered either automatically during chimes or more commonly, manually, granting the owner the choice of displaying or concealing the explicit content.
As the craftsmanship behind these watches advanced and their popularity soared, watchmakers began creating more intricate and highly enameled scenes depicting two or more individuals in various locations and positions. However, the novelty and ingenuity of these watches proved to be a double-edged sword. The detailed enameled figures started to represent members of the church or nobility, attracting unwanted attention and leading to the destruction of numerous workshops and watches by law enforcement.
Undeterred by these setbacks, the practice resurfaced in the late 19th century, often integrated within the cuvette. The watch offered here is such an example.This listed example remains in unrestored and unblemished condition.
Lovely gold ornamented dial (some collectors would describe this dial to be made for the Spanish market) with fancy openwork hour, minute and second hands.

The 18K rose gold case is exceptionally engraved featuring detailled floral patterns.
The front cover jumps open when the winding crown is pushed down.
Beneath the back cover we find a detailled description of the watch and its complications/specifications.
Underneath the smaller second lid we find the erotic scene. When the repeater function is activated, the man ‘strikes’ on the tones of the repeater.

The movement, which is set with 35 rubies, is made out of high quality and runs with a solid tick and the repeater function strikes clear tones. Note that we think the repeater function strikes with a rather quick pace, feel free to contact us to request a video of the automaton in action.

Dimensions without crown: 53,5mm.
Dimensions including crown: 68,3mm.
Dimensions including loop: 75mm
Weight of watch: 132,8 grams.

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Armands & Cie


Quarter Repeater & Automaton


53mm / 68mm




18K Rosé Gold




132 Grams