Charles Mathieu Locle Multicolor Gold Cylinder


Fabulous 19th century cylinder escapement pocket watch made out of a high quality standard with a breathtaking singular dial. Scroll down to read more.

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This fine timepiece boasts a solid gold dial adorned with intricate floral motifs in green, yellow, rose, and white gold. The meticulous detailing showcases the utmost care and skill invested in its creation. Also note the highly detailed decentralized seconds register.

Adding to its allure, the watch exhibits original golden Breguet style hands, further accentuating its elegance.

The golden case, meticulously crafted in France, showcases an guilloche pattern on its case back. The case band, pendant, and loop are finely engraved, with each detail remaining sharp and distinct.

Upon opening the inside lid, one discovers the maker’s signature along with technical details about the movement, adding an air of authenticity and historical significance.

The well-balanced and visually pleasing cylinder movement is clean and works as it should.


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Charles Mathieu Locle


18K Yellow Gold


47mm / 54mm


64 Grams.