Day / Night Verge Fusee from 1833

In the modern world we can think of some (very) uncommon lines of work that could potentially entangle your perception on wether it is day or night time. Think of mineworkers who are underground for weeks, or a deep-sea biologist in a submarine. That being said, we’re not too sure why a wealthy individual back in 1833 genuinely needed a day/night complication, except for the reason that it’s very likeable. Scroll down to read more about this uncommon timepiece.

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This piece features an uncommon hours disc with images of the sun and moon. The sun and moon both have an arrow with which they indicate the time on the basis of a semicircle with Roman hours indication above.
The minutes are indicated in Arabic numerals all around with a 60 minute rotating hand.

Great and interesting design that stands out from its contemporaries from the early 19th century.

The watch is in very good condition. Both cases show very little signs of wear. All lid closes well.
The case has English Sterling silver hallmarks, indicating the city of Birmingham with the year 1833 (year letter k).

The high quality verge fusee movement is clean and runs with a solid tick down the whole fusee chain. Stunning hand engraved balance bridge.





Sterling Silver


56mm / 68mm


Day / Night Indication

Year Of Production



Chain and Winding Key