Emile Huguenin Enamel Quarter Repeater


Exceptional repeating pocket watch by the Swiss maker Huguenin made out of the highest standards in both aesthetics and quality. This timepiece is highly collectible due to its horological finesse in combination with two delicate works of enamel miniature art. Scroll down to read more about this watch.

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The condition of the watch is undeniably good. The white enamel dial remains in superb condition showing almost no signs of use. Subtle Roman hour and Arabic minute indication. Original golden hour and minute hand both set with a facetted diamond. Dial signature is accompanied by the line ‘Chaux-De-Fonds’ indicating this watch was produced in the watch manufacture capital of the 1900’s.

The heavy case is made out of 18 carat yellow gold. Sturdy lids and bow adding up to a strong and heavy case bearing no dents. All three lids closing tightly. Superb solid gold winding crown and ‘Jules Jürgensen’ style pendant.

On both the inner and outside lid we find two tremendous enamel representations. The inside dustcover shows an old man walking into a tomb with a younger man sitting on top looking at the sky.
This image, known as ‘Death’s Door’, was originally drawn by William Blake (1757-1827) as an illustration for the famous poem ‘The Grave’ by Robert Blair. With the French text ‘Cette Vie Est Un Songe Et La Mort Un Reveil’ (literal translation: this life is a dream and death an awakening) we can determine this to be a philosophical saying. When translating the word dream to French we find rêve to be the most common translation. When looking more into the origin of the word ‘songe’ which is used here we understand a ‘songe’ is a dream caused by events provoked by an external entity (a god, an angel, something divine).

The back side of the case shows a similar style enamel representation. This time showing a composition of a cross, anchor and heart. All three of these symbols representing what is written in the two lines; ‘Or Ces Trois Choses Demeurent. La Foi, L’espérance La Charité’ (literal translation: now, these three things remain. faith, hope and kindness). These three items are surrounded by grapes (grapes represent fertility and salvation in their symbolic link to the blood of Christ) and wheat (wheat symbolizes fertility, abundance, and growth).

The quality of these enamel pieces of art are from exceptional quality. The craftsmanship used making these detailled illustrations is not something many people were capable of doing and will have taken the artist many many hours of work. The case back enamel is showing some scratches and a tiny chip which is only visible in certain light fall.

The hour and quarter repeating movement is, just like the rest of the watch, produced out of extremely high standards. Uncommon perlage decorated platine, large rubies, elegant bridges and multiple parts being made with the use of solid rose gold. The watch ticks with a large amplitude and fine accuracy. The repeating mechanism hits clear tones on both the hours and the quarters.

This is an unique pocket watch most likely to not surface the online market again. Produced by a renowned maker and preserved in impressive condition.

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18K Yellow Gold


50mm / 63mm


Quarter Repeater


108 Grams