Jules Jürgensen ‘Seconde Foudroyante’ Five Minute Repeater Two-Train Chronograph

An absolute rarity in exceptional condition, we are excited to offer this mechanical marvel by the famous Jules Jürgensen (1890). One of, if not the most complicated movement ever produced by Jürgensen ready to be adopted by the avid collector. Scroll down to read more about this watch.

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An absolute rarity in exceptional condition, we are excited to offer this mechanical marvel by the famous Jules Jürgensen (1890).

Impressive overall condition clearly indicating this watch has not been worn much throughout its life. The entire timepiece is free from any fault or damages with the exception of some light scratches (dust cover).
This fine example features an immaculate enamel dial, faultless functional movement and a near perfect guilloche case.

The white enamel dial features black roman hour numerals and a central seconds chronograph in Arabic indication with solely the 0 in red. Blued steel moon style hour, minute and central chronograph hand.

The presented example features a single pusher chronograph function (start/stop). The aesthetically pleasing two train movement with double slipping winding barrels are powered by winding the crown both ways.
The decentralized sub dial, the so called ‘Foudroyante’, goes in increments of five jumps every second. A playful yet highly interesting complication. The foudroyante indication is divided into a number of jumps (sections) and thus enables partial seconds/precise time to be observed precisely as it instantaneous stops when the chronograph button is pushed. Seconde foudroyante dates from at least the 1870’s and was developed for precise timing of sporting events, especially horse racing. “Foudre” is French for “lightning”, the favored appellation in English. In German, this complication is known as “Blitzende Sekunde”, while Italians call it “diavoletto”.

Fascinating design of setting the time which is unique to the works of Jurgensen. By tilting the pendant/bow towards the dial, the winding mechanism adjusts to setting the time. A subtle yet very likable feature.

The strong and heavy case shows a crisp guilloche engraving on both sides. Front lid jumps open powerfully when the winding crown is pushed down. Well crafted case with thick and heavy lids resulting in a generous 169 grams total weight.

The exceptional movement clearly shows how intricate the complicated escapement is. Pivots/Jewels and blued steel screws occupying the entire movement leaving not an inch un-used. Solid gold endings on both the anchor and anchor gear bridge. Overall handsome and attractive bridges together with winding gears playing with the contrast of both polished and brushed steel.
The movement is completely functional with a repeater hitting clear tones on the hours and ‘5-minutes’.

We advise you to take a look at the deconstruction of this pocket watch by ‘The Naked Watchmaker’ to learn more about the wonderful mechanical aspects this 130+ year old timepiece offers.


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Jules Jürgensen


54.8mm / 70.2mm


18K Yellow Gold


5 Minute Repeater Chronograph Secondes Foudroyante




169.9 Grams