Tourbillon ‘Mobilis’ Pocket Watch – Courvoisir Frère

Rarely surfacing the online market, with a handful of auction results from the past 20 years, we are pleased to offer this Tourbillon pocket watch by Mobilis (Courvoisir Frères) to you today. Scroll down to read more about this timepiece.

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Nicknamed a ‘folks tourbillon’ due to the fact that these complicated timepieces were already affordable watches back when they were produced between 1890 and 1910. Considering the rarity of this watch and the fact that it is housing one of the most desirable complications in the history of horology, we think these timepieces are incredible value for money. Even more so because the range of collectors intrigued by this piece is far larger than just pocket watch collectors.

The condition of this example is very good. No replacement parts or signs of restoration.

The two-tone dial portrays a rooster crowing towards the center dial, surrounded by radiant rays of light, creating an uncanny representation of the sun. Finely hand engraved balance bridge and a guilloche engraved bottom platine.
The watch is housed in a polished metal case which is showing little signs of use, no dents or deep scratches.

The movement, engraved with a number of patent numbers, is clean and runs with a solid healthy tick.

This watch is made according to Paul Loichot’s 1904 patent (no. 30754). Loichot licensed his invention to be used by Courvoisier Frères, the latter selling tourbillon watches using the patent under the brand name Mobilis.

The watch is accompanied by a period correct presentation box.


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Mobilis – Courvoisir Frères




52mm / 65mm






103 Grams