Vacheron & Constantin Rattrapante Split-Seconds Chronograph

The ‘Rattrapante’ complication was first presented to the public in 1862 (Adolphe Nicole) which is rather ‘late’ when looking at the time-line of important complications and their date of creation. The reason is simple; it costed strenuous efforts to develop this innovative and, in a sense, attractive complication (and it still does). Excited to offer this early high-grade example produced by one of the finer members of Swiss horology.
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This incredibly fine time piece is one of the earliest split seconds watches to ever be produced by Vacheron & Constantin.

Looking at the overal condition and originality of parts we say with confidence that this watch has been treasured and carefully looked after from the day it was produced. The white enamel dial features large black Arabic hour indications (Note the rare fact that this dials features inverted numerals meaning the 6 is shown as a 9. The numerals rotate along with the circle of the dial). This also applies to the smaller blue minute indication.
The entire enamel dial remains in immaculate state without hairlines or faults of any kind.

Classical blued steel set of ‘spade’ hands and a sunken decentralized seconds indication. The split-seconds centre sweep hands are identical except for their difference in colour (blued steel and gold).

The heavy (130 grams) 18K hallmarked savonet case features three vastly thick lids. The front lid opens when the winding crown is pushed down.
All three lids are engraved with either initials, a flag or monogram. No dents or deep scratches, matching case and movement numbers.

Looking at the design of the case/dial and knowing this watch is produced by one of the most exciting Swiss watch houses it won’t surprise you that this timepiece is powered by an astounding movement.
The high grade split-seconds movement shows to be made by the highest standards in Swiss horology. Elegant Côtes de Genève and ‘anglage’ finishing on the main movement parts. The sensational shaped chronograph bridges have a matt steel finishing with some of them in mirror polishing. The movement is set with large red rubies and blued steel screws.
Just like the aesthetics and quality of the escapement, the accuracy and amplitude are extraordinary as well.
Running with +1 second every 24 hours and an amplitude of 307° we are confident to say this 130 year old movement is the most accurate we have ever come across.

An astonishing and exceedingly rare timepiece, ready to be adopted by a serious V&C / pocket watch collector.



Vacheron & Constantin


18K Yellow Gold


51mm / 64mm


130 Grams


Split-Seconds / Rattrapante